About the Program

Each year, IPFW faculty are honored as Featured Faculty for their outstanding performance in the area of research, scholarly activity, creative endeavor, teaching, or engagement. As a quality measure that distinguishes IPFW from other institutions of higher education, the accomplishments of the Featured Faculty illustrate the comprehensive and significant contributions of IPFW faculty in the creation of new knowledge, provoking student curiosity, and scholarship of engagement at IPFW and beyond.


  • Showcase IPFW faculty
    • Elevate exemplary teaching qualities
    • Recognize the significance of creating new knowledge
    • Exhibit excellence in teaching with creative and scholarly works
    • Advance a culture of engagement
  • Emphasize the scholarship at IPFW
  • Communicate the benefits of intellectual opportunity for students at IPFW
  • Demonstrate the benefits of IPFW’s intellectual resources for our community and society
  • Create prestige, recognize, and motivate faculty